The 10 Best Apps Like Tinder for Android to Meet People

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Tinder is the application to link and meets more famous people on Android. There are more than interesting apps like tinder for free to find your better half or one night flirt from your mobile.

Even before the Internet landed in virtually any home, when we only accessed it in cybercafes, libraries or student computer rooms, the network of networks was already used as a method of linking and meeting new people. Chat rooms, forums, online games were suitable to throw the cane. With the proliferation of smartphones, the progress of mobile communications networks and access to increasingly fast and cheap connections, this activity has moved from the computer to the mobile. Especially thanks to the development of hundreds of apps that, through a well-maintained interface, take advantage of the GPS of our mobile devices to offer us potential appointments and couples in our area.

Among all those apps like tinder, there is one that has undoubtedly become practically a standard. Thanks to Tinder and its simple and intuitive method of sliding photos of candidates and candidates to the right or left to show interest or directly discard them as if it were a game, terms like a match, swipe or super like are almost common to Any app with these characteristics. Because of alternatives to the dating app par excellence. There are many and the vast majority try to imitate it to replicate its success among users eager for love and company.

Best apps like tinder

Best apps like tinder

If you are looking for exactly the same thing that Tinder offers, it is best that you stay where you are because today it is the best app in its category. Why? Well, basically for the same reason that WhatsApp is the best instant messaging app. Not necessarily because it is the most complete or the one that offers the most functions, simply because it is the application that has the most users and, therefore, the one that offers you the most possibilities to find the ones you are looking for. Instead, if you’re looking for something different, check out the following list of tinder alternatives.

  • Badoo
  • Grindr
  • Meetic
  • Happn
  • Hater
  • Sapio
  • Lovoo
  • Tagged
  • Bumble
  • POF

Badoo, a veteran in this online flirt

An app like Badoo could not be missing from this list. It can be said that he laid the groundwork for what would come next, since it appeared six years before Tinder, although initially only as a web page. Over time it has acquired the same methodology of swipe left and right, but the truth is that it has a somewhat more social component, even being able to create and watch live video streams. Here we can start chatting with anyone who can help us without having to wait for a match. Therefore, what we do not achieve through our beauty embodied in the profile photos, we can achieve through our lips.

Grindr, the Tinder for the gay community

With a name like Grindr, one could almost expect a Tinder clone, but both its target audience and its operation are slightly different. To start, we could define this service as the best app to link for the gay and bisexual community. Of course, only for boys. Unlike the app, it inspires, once registered, it shows us on a grid hundreds of possible candidates in our area, although we can also search in other locations. Here we do not have to reject or like anyone. We can simply access the photos and descriptions of each uncle and start chatting directly with them or send them a flare-shaped tap to show them our interest if we are somewhat more sparing in words.

Meetic, thousands of singles at your fingertips

Meetic is the alternative you need if you are looking for an app that looks somewhat more serious and less casual than Tinder, although not much. As in Grindr, once our profile is set up, we can explore a long list of singles and singles proposed by the app based on our location and preferences, throwing a kind of lightning at those boys or girls that interest us most. As a differentiating element, men can be made (with prior payment) with the Meetic Badge badge, a kind of certificate that guarantees that they are the real gold singles of the service and not the typical slimy rude type that usually abounds in apps of these characteristics. In addition, events are organized in different cities of the Spanish geography where Meetic members can meet to chat and flirt in person, away from their mobile screens.

Happn, meet people you meet daily

Happn takes the idea of ​​proximity when it comes to linking to the next level. Here you will only be shown other users of the app with whom you have physically crossed. Do you remember that girl with the perfect smile in the supermarket queue? Or that guy from the office elevator? If they also use Happn you will receive an alert so you can browse their profile and give them a secret Like if they just convinced you what you see. And if the feeling is reciprocal, a Crush will be produced, the equivalent of MatchTinder, so you can chat and make your paths cross again, although this time not so fortuitously. A simple but very direct alternative that will make you have your eyes wide open while walking down the street.

Hater, when common hatred is the best base

The operation of Hater is identical to that of Tinder, swipe to the right to indicate that you like the person shown or swipe to the left to discard it. The difference lies in how those candidates are selected. In most dating apps, people try to match people by their common tastes and taking into account what they like both. In this case, it is the other way around: we are shown potential couples who hate the same thing as us, since Be it the same actor, the same type of food or the same smell. To do this, we must answer a few questions about what we hate and what we don’t. How do you answer? Obviously doing swipe right or left. In addition, we can configure the app to show us profiles from around the world or only local accounts.

Sapio, giving priority to intellectual attraction

It must be recognized, all applications of linking Tinder type are extremely superficial, giving all importance to the physical aspect of the user and leaving in the background his personality and interests. All but one, because Sapio tries to bring physical attraction and intellectual attraction to the same level. How? Well, inviting us to answer hundreds of questions about our personality, our goals in life, our tastes, our influences, our existential doubts, our dreams, our sexuality … All this to try to find potential partners with whom we intellectually marry. From there, you can discard like and chat with those boys and girls who attract us both for their physique and for intellect. His only disadvantage? The intellectuality is not highly valued and you may not find any user in less than 200 kilometres around.

Lovoo, connect your family in a ground

If you like Tinder exactly as it is, but you feel like trying another app. Now, you have not found what you were looking for or because you are afraid that you will meet a friend or family member who also uses it. The solution goes through Lovoo. As soon as we register, upload our profile picture, indicate our preferences and set our age. We will be bombarded with lots of photos of possible matches that we must discard or accept as they enter us through the eye. So far, nothing new. It also incorporates a strong social component similar to Badoo through the Live tab where we can join live broadcasts (or broadcast our own streams) of other users of the platform, which we can comment through the chat. It is a more spontaneous way of meeting new people with whom, who knows, to establish a relationship.

Tagged, league through social games

The truth is that Tagged is not too different from Tinder, but we like the message it sells: an app to link 100% authentic where you can be yourself without so much posturing. The idea is fine, although it is hard to believe that its users have captured the concept given the profile photos that one finds. Apart from the type of visiting user profiles, discarding or accepting possible candidates, and chatting with those who interest us, it also introduces an interesting novelty: the presence of social games to better know who our better half can be. Among those hobbies, the most popular is undoubtedly Pets, a sort of management game in which we can buy and sell other users of the app to own them as if they were our pets.

Bumble, the hive where the first step is taken by the woman

Created by one of the co-founders of Tinder, Bumble gives a twist to the concept of linking by mobile. At first glance, the application could perfectly be a clone of any other dating app. Profiles of boys and girls showed one after the other, which we can discard or accept by sliding their photos to the left or right. But in this hive, the name of the app and its aesthetics are inspired by the figure of the bee. It is the women who send and they must always take the initiative. Thus, if there is a match, it is they who have 24 hours to decide if they start a conversation with their suitor, if they do not, that match will disappear forever.

POF, because there are many fish in the sea

We leave for the end, one of the best and most complete apps to find a partner on Android. POF or Plenty of Fish comes to tell us that there are many fish in the sea, and most of them are available on this platform. In the first place, this dating service stands out for the very wide questionnaire that must be filled in before you can access the app for the first time. With this, those responsible try to find other users 100% compatible with our personality and our tastes. In fact, from its interface, it offers us a list of fit and ultra compatible people, depending on how we have answered the initial questions, as well as offering us the possibility of performing a chemistry test to refine that compatibility even more. It is also worth highlighting the importance that is given to conversations, allowing us to chat with any user from the first moment, whether or not you feel.

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