And suddenly there were houses.

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After the First World War, the politicians of the time knew that the soldiers returning from the trenches, naval Fleet. Merchant fleet and fledgling air force deserved more than they had before. Their youth, bodies and minds had been sacrificed to keep the Empire and the country safe. The least they could hope for was a better, fairer Britain which they believed they had been fighting for. They were hopeful because the Prime Minister of the time David Lloyd George had said himself that the government would build a “home fit for heroes”. What they got was a recession then unemployment, the continuation of the class system as rigid as it was before, the same terrible housing and to top it all a general strike to try and stave off the fact they would have to work longer and for less pay (they lost). They also watched the officer class have a thoroughly nice time in the “roaring twenties”. Therefore, they would be damned if they would let their sons and grandsons experience the same thing after the Second World war. Their children agreed with them.

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So, in the wake of the second world war a general election was called in 1945. The war was pretty much over and everyone believed that the electorate would return a Conservative Government led by the great war leader Winston Churchill in honour of his victory. “Mr Churchill has secured his working majority!” lied the News of the World (sticking with a trend it would get through the last half of the twentieth century) when it had no idea what the result was. After the votes from the armed forces abroad came in the unthinkable had happened. The Labour Party, on a radical left wing manifesto, had won. King George Sixth could barely believe it when Clement Attlee came to tell him he was forming a government.

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One of the first things they did was to start building homes. Much of the countries cities and towns had suffered bomb damage but they also sought to clear away the slum tenements and back to back housing that working class people had to endure. It also allowed people the chance to buy their own home. Mortgages became easier to obtain. Back then as now you needed to have legal work and getting some Conveyancing Quotes like those at would cetainly be an advantage.

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