Aaron Hernandez Net Worth, Biography and Sports Career

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Aaron Josef Hernández (November 6, 1989 – April 19, 2017) American football player sentenced to life in prison for murder . Hernández was the new promise of the sport, his successful career with the New England Patriots were proof of this, however, in a drastic turn he ended up being condemned for the murder of one of his friends. Later it was proved that the athlete suffered from ETC, a disease that accentuated his already evident aggressiveness. Currently, the new Netflix series, The Mind of a Murderer: Aaron Hernández, reopened discussions about his case and the ETC in the NFL. In this article, we will discuss Aaron Hernandez’s net worth, earlier life and career.

Aaron Hernandez earlier life

Aaron was born in Bristol on November 6, 1989. He was the son of former player of Puerto Rican descent Dennis Hernandez and his mother, Terri Valentine-Hernandez, was of Italian descent. Thanks to the influence and work of his father, Aaron was raised in an upper-middle-class neighborhood with his brother Dennis Junior. He attended the best schools and from a young age showed aptitudes for the sport. Apparently the athlete had had a good childhood and adolescence, however, this was not entirely true.

According to his brother -in the course of the trial- his father was violent and had problems with alcohol. After his death the family disintegrated. Aaron left home and changed the circle of friends, which would be the beginning of his problems with the authorities. These altercations with the law, it seems, were concealed with his career in mind. Everything came to light the moment he started his trial.

Aaron Hernandez

Aaron Hernandez career

After high school, Hernandez entered the University of Florida to start his stage as a university player there. With the passage of time, it became clear that it had the potential to be one of the new promises of the sport. Hernández was part of a BCS National Championship team, won the All-American title and was recognized as one of the best tight end in recent years. In 2010, he launched into the Draft, being chosen by the New England Patriots.


After being selected by th New England Patriots in 2010, Hernández would start a meteoric career in the NFL, being recognized as one of the league’s new stars. He was the darling of the team and the fans, despite his bad-boy image. His performance on the court was exceptional, which is why, in August 2012, he signed a five-year extension to his contract with a bonus of 12.5 million. The highest given to a tight end in NFL history. His career was on the right track, however, every change in a matter of a year.

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Aaron Hernandez net worth

According to his statements and reports, Aaron Hernandez’s net worth is about 50 thousand dollars. His salary is 1.3 million US dollars. His main earning source was playing football and advertising. Before death, his net worth was about 8 million dollars when employed.

Aaron Hernandez: criminal charges and conviction

On June 26, 2013, Hernandez was arrested at his home by North Attleborough authorities, accused of the murder of semi-professional player Odin Lloyd, who was a boyfriend of his fiancee’s sister and one of his close friends. His fans could not believe it, although everything pointed to the athlete and over time the case became even more complicated. His contract with the Patriots was terminated the day of his capture. In 2015, he was found guilty of the first-degree murder of Odin Lloyd and sentenced to life in prison.

At the same time, Aaron was being investigated for the murders of two other people committed in 2012. He was later found innocent of these charges, however, a few days later, the athlete was found dead in his cell.
Aaron committed suicide on April 19, 2017. Before he was captured, he was engaged to Shayanna Jenkins and had a young daughter.

The mind of a murderer: Aaron Hernandez from Netflix

At the beginning of 2020, the documentary The mind of a murderer: Aaron Hernández was released on Netflix, which addresses the moments prior to his capture, the trial and the results that came to light after his death. In these, it was found that the athlete suffered from ETC, a disease that could cause his outbreaks of anger and the lack of control that he experienced in the last years of his career. It is clear that the disease did not make him a murderer, it is not a justification for what he did, the doctors just want to highlight how dangerous this condition is and how advanced it was in the case of Hernandez.

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