9 benefits of eating custard apple

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Cherimoya is a heart-shaped fruit, native to the Peruvian Andes. Its pulp is sweet, contains seeds, is covered with green skin, and is grown in the autumn and winter season, like oranges and grapefruit. And most importantly, eating custard apple is very healthy.

Here are some benefits of eating custard apple, they will surely convince you to include it in your diet regularly.

1. Improve your cardiovascular health

Thanks to its high potassium content, custard apple contribute to improving heart health, as suggested by this study carried out by the Las Condes Clinic (Chile). In addition, it is a natural regulator of blood pressure. It is also rich in antioxidants that control cholesterol levels.

Its low sodium and fat content is another reason to eat custard apple, especially for people who suffer from high blood pressure and other heart disorders.

2. Natural antimicrobial

Another benefit of eating custard apple is its ability to act as a natural protector against parasites, according to this study carried out by the National Agrarian University of the Jungle (Peru). This property is due to its high content of fiber, niacin, and cytotoxins. In addition, it provides us with high amounts of vitamin C, a natural antioxidant that helps the body resist infection.

3. It is a great ally to lose weight

Eating custard apple provides a feeling of satiety. This is ideal if you are looking to lose weight while still eating healthy and delicious. You can add it to your diet as a snack, dessert, or as food after a sports routine.

4. Calming effect

Cherimoya is a regulator of the nervous system, according to information obtained from the Secretariat of Agriculture and Rural Development of the Government of Mexico. This means that it works as an anxiolytic and tranquilizer, making it a great home remedy for people who suffer from anxiety.

5. Protection against osteoporosis

This fruit contains a high level of minerals, which work as coadjuvants in the recovery processes from multiple diseases:

  • It provides us with iron that helps in the recovery of people with anemia.
  • It is rich in calcium, which is helpful in those who suffer from decalcification disorders and osteoporosis.
  • It is also rich in phosphorus, which helps support memory.

6. Helps to have a better pregnancy

Eating cherimoya is a good idea for expectant mothers is that, besides being delicious, it gives us a high nutritional value, according to said the food technologist, pharmaceutical, and nutritionist Maria Carmen More. Contains nutrients that contribute to the development of the baby such as:

  • Essential fats
  • Fiber.
  • Carbohydrates
  • Proteins
  • Minerals
  • Vitamins

7. Eating custard apple regulates digestion

According to the information of the nutritionist mentioned above, in addition to being an easily digestible fruit, eating custard apple is a good idea for people who feel weak or have been in the hospital for several days. It is also for those whose stomach no longer digest certain foods well or have dyspepsia.

Its low-fat content and high fiber content help eliminate bad cholesterol (LDL) and, at the same time, absorb bile acids. This is very helpful in people suffering from gallbladder disorders.

In turn, it is an excellent natural laxative, since fiber also regulates intestinal transit and bacterial flora.

8. It is an antioxidant

Cherimoyas are excellent sources of antioxidants and vitamin C. This is confirmed by this research carried out by the National Institute of Agricultural Sciences (Cuba).

9. It is an excellent food for young childrencustard apple

It is highly recommended to include custard apple in purees or juices due to its high nutritional content, which contributes to the development of children. In addition, as we have already seen, it is a very delicious fruit.

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