10 basic tips to practice outdoor sport in summer

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Many people take advantage of the summer to intensify sports activities. It is worth taking into account 10 basic tips to enjoy a healthier and safer way to practice outdoor sport in summer …

1) Rhythm and Intensity: It is important not to suddenly increase the intensity and duration of our sports activities of effort or performance. Better results and fewer injuries are obtained by progressively increasing the demand.

2) Hydration: It is necessary to drink water frequently but in small quantities. The ideal temperature is about 15 degrees since it hydrates better and avoids the risks of too cold water.

3) Sun Protection: It is preferable to avoid direct and continuous exposure to solar radiation in sports practice, but if it is done, you should use high factor protective creams even on cloudy days and cover your head properly.

4) Diet: It is more than advisable to follow a light and low fat diet for sports in summer, although we must ensure that it covers our average caloric intake. Ideally, consult your gym professionals.

5) Schedules: Noon hours are the most dangerous and, therefore, it is recommended to practice sports first thing in the morning or late in the afternoon. In addition, it is appropriate to leave more time between the last meal and the start of sports.

6) Warm-up: Despite the hot weather of summer, you should warm up and stretch with the same dedication as the rest of the year and taking special care to avoid sudden changes in body temperature that may result from air conditioners, swimming pools, showers, etc.

7) Equipment: A good sports equipment, fresh and light but that adequately covers and protects the areas most sensitive to weather or risk in the type of sport we practice will always make the difference between getting fit or depleting in vain.

8) Team training: Group sports practice, apart from promoting motivation and effort and being more enjoyable, also brings advantages in terms of safety since in summer it augurs the risk of sunstroke, digestion cuts, lipotimes, stings and others accidents that it is preferable not to face alone.

9) Professional support: Most sports are practiced in a much safer and more effective way if you have the support of a personal trainer, an instructor, teacher or teacher, depending on the type of sport. Signing up for a good gym is the most direct way to get that support that can be key in our results.

10) Attitude: All other measures would be useless if we did not accompany them with the positive attitude, prudence, common sense and good knowledge of both the sport we practice and its risks, as well as the outdoor terrain in which we train outside our usual gym.

Finally, in general terms, it is convenient to exercise in a phased manner, that is, with breaks and progressive increases in effort. Exhausting in an exaggerated way will not generate better results but will increase the risks of injury or accident. It is important to set possible goals and then work with perseverance to achieve them.

Now you know the 10 basic tips for practicing sports in the open air in summer, you just have to take action and get everything you set your mind to.

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