University exams: Prepare yourself for the best!

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Every student at the beginning of the University is faced with the University exams. Some manage to overcome them without any problem, others struggle, and others still miss the approach to them and the study method. In this article, we therefore give some suggestions on how to best prepare these tests.

Many students often wonder what the best time to study is. There are those who believe that in the morning there are those who believe it is evening, others even study at night. But which of these is the best time? There is actually no answer. The only thing that can be said with certainty is that the best hours to study are those in which the air is cooler, especially in summer.

So the best times that would emerge from this statement would be early in the morning and late at night. In reality what we can suggest to a person is to study when he thinks he can make them more, if you are a very early morning person, take advantage of this factor and devote yourself to studying early in the morning, if you are a person who has no problem going to read very late, take advantage of the evening hours. Also consider that the best time to study is when there is more silence, so consider this aspect well too.

University exams: The best study method

After analyzing what are the best hours to prepare for the exams we are going to expose what is the best study method. Here, too, there are more answers: first of all, evaluate what you have to study, if you have to try your hand at very mnemonic arguments, make some plans, repeat them with friends so that you can practice at best. If instead you have to study something that is discursive write small summaries of what you need to study and repeat them aloud, doing so allows you to fix the part you need to remember. Obviously, the way to study something will also depend on what kind of test you will have to take, whether oral or written.

In the first case you will have to train a lot in repeating things, in the second you will have to prepare yourself more about writing the topics that will be presented at the exam. We also advise you not to study by heart unless you are forced to do so; in addition to being of little use in most cases it is also counterproductive. Always try to understand what you are learning; if you do you will see that everything will be simpler for the exams. In the event that you have to study dates or body parts, unfortunately, you will have no choice, but sometimes to get to the degree you also have to pass by this.

University exams: Managing anxiety

Another aspect that conditions many students is anxiety before exams. What we can tell you is that it is normal to have a little of it, especially the first few years, then in time you will take our hand with it too and you will be able to be more relaxed when you take an exam. To better manage anxiety we can advise you to take an exam only when you are aware of being prepared for everything. By doing so, you will become aware of being able to answer any questions the professor will ask you.

Take the time to study, remember that in many cases you will have more appeals to take exams so you can get organized. Another thing that you will have to take into consideration when you go to take an exam is that surely you will have a moment in which you will have the feeling of not remembering anything. Don’t worry, it’s absolutely normal! It happens to everyone to have this feeling, but when you are in front of your teacher you will know how to answer surely if you have studied.

University exams: How to prepare an exam in a short time

As far as this point is concerned, we must start with a necessary premise: some tests can be prepared in a few days, others not. If you see that yours does not have so many books to prepare, or the latter are fluent and easy to understand, you can, by concentrating your study hours a lot, be able to prepare for the exam.

What you will have to do is try to study the most important things, those that, if you have attended, you have surely heard repeated many times to the teacher or those that, if you have a friend who has already attended the course, has already done the previous exams. What you have to do is to prepare yourself on the essentials and try to study many hours a day. Sometimes a sacrifice can allow you to take a weight off your shoulders. In general, however, you need at least 5 full days to prepare for a university exam.

University exams: How to take lessons

Many students ask themselves when they start university: but need to go to class? Having said that some courses have a compulsory attendance, so you will still be forced to attend, the answer is in most cases yes . Indeed, it is not convenient to attend for very few exams. The lessons are useful for several reasons: first of all, if you do not have a topic clear, you can ask the teacher to explain it better. Then, in class you will have the opportunity to get to know your companions and therefore you can help yourself, in case you are comfortable with them. Then often for non-attending professors reserve one, if not two more books and, if the professor decides to grant a preappello, you can’t support it. Another advice we can give you is to take notes in class, they will be useful when you have to take the exam.

University exams: The best appeals to support them

Last point of our guide to university exams concerns the best appeal to take a university exam. Here the answer is certain: the first appeals. Many universities have at least three appeals to take an exam, going to do it at the first appeal is advantageous for two reasons : the first is that there will be few people to support it, so you will be able to pass first, the second is that, if it did not go well or the vote does not satisfy you will be able to try again to the other appeals, having made you an idea on how this exam is and on what to study in order to overcome it.

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